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Work with Me

Are you a sensitive​ being who is ready to live a more balanced and peaceful life?

Do you feel -

  • Lost
  • Stuck
  • Trapped
  • Anxious
  • Depressed
  • No motivation
  • Lacking self-worth and self-love
  • Trust issues
  • Stuck in thought patterns that are damaging to your wellbeing
  • Had enough of being governed by your triggers and blocks

Step into your light

"My mission is to help as many beings awake to truth and light frequency. 

 I work as a conduit of light for guides and angels, by being a channel of information, guidance and angel reiki healing energy."  Justine Long

My aim is to guide you to: 

Understand you blocks and emotional triggers and how they are formed.

Provide you with tools to heal.

Provide you with new though patterns.

Offer angel energy healing sessions that will unblock your energy system.

  To live a life of oneness, understanding, balance and harmony, 

by giving you the tools and a knowledge base; that will help you through situations or challenges when they occur.  So that you may always feel in control of your life and your light.

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What to expect working with me ♡

To start any journey, you must first decide you are ready and want to travel to your destination.

You will know this either by a deep longing for peace and a new way of feeling and experiencing life or by synchronicity experiences; as if you are being guided by some invisible force showing you the way….which is indeed why you are reading this now!

Step 1

Getting in touch by making an appointment or 1:1 call.

Filling out the above form. 

Step 2

Starting the healing, with an initial consultation.

It is so important to be heard with no judgement, the telling of your truth is the most vital part of any healing. To be honoured for your journey thus far and witnessed, this is when the perfect guidance of angelic light and guides are channelled to you.

♡ Deciding which therapy or course would suit your individual need.

Step 3

Each in person therapy is gentle and professional, where you will be treated with the utmost respect and value.

Homework can be given to carry on your healing at home, to support the work that has been done.

Step 4

Deepening the healing.

Each therapy starts with a consultation, where by we get to catch up on how you have been since the last treatment and what has come up for you.

Most often than not therapies will need follow up sessions, in order to remove blocks that the energy system and body are holding; that have built up over time.

I am always guided and lead by the angelic kingdom of when the next session should be held. 

Contact Me

We love hearing from you, let us know what's on your mind

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