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Chakra ​Meditat​ions & Archangel Activations

Supporting your Angel Reiki Sessions and Healing Journey.

Each meditation is a sacred channelling from the Angelic Kingdom, to support your healing journey. The meditations contain activations that further open each energy centre, gently and safely. The one time purchase gives you life time access to these meditations that you can return to time and time again

The first meditation is free, click here to listen.

Experience the Base Chakra Meditation and Activation. 

Please note, you will receive a link via email to access all of the meditations. 

Chakra Meditations & Activations

On purchasing of the Chakra Meditations

I advise that you start with the Base Chakra Meditation for a week and then move up in number sequence over the following weeks. 

Once you have done this you can dip in and out to which meditation suits your need​ at the time.