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Welcome to Angel Academy

Angel Academy has been designed in order to reach deeper levels of mindfulness, self mastery and understanding. 

Below you can see a list of the courses we are offering, We will look forward to journeying with you soon!

Chakra Journey ~ Destination: Self Mastery

A sacred journey into your inner energies where you will discover that your energy systems connect to your physical body, mind, emotions and soul. Thus allowing you to connect deeper to Earth Energy and Divine Spirit Energy, to receive divine wisdom by strengthening your intuition and connecting with your higher self.

Along the journey you will discover your emotional triggers and blocks that are preventing you from leading a life of deep peace, clarity and oneness.

You will be supported by the Angelic Kingdom of light with Angel meditations and activations as we delve into each energy centre.

Each module has been designed to give you the tools to support all 7 chakras in the form of a video lesson, meditations and activations, crystals, essential oils and foods that will strengthen and comfort each chakra.

You will have inner work to carry out with journaling, deep questioning and activities each week.

This will lead you to understanding yourself deeper and becoming master of yourself on all levels of consciousness.

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Course Option​s​

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Chakra Journey ~ Deluxe

Journey with support - You will receive 1 (45 minute) call a week for 8 weeks to support each energy journey. Where you will be able to discuss what has come up for you. Giving you additional support and guidance.

Chakra Journey

Work independently through the modules over the following 8 weeks.

Multiple payment plans are available.


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