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A little about me...

I thought I would give my clients and followers a little insight into how I became so passionate about essential oils, Reiki, and healing.

Ever since I was a young girl, I have been privileged to be touched by angels. I first saw spirits as a child that came to me in fairy form, my faith, and belief in spiritualism and the angelic realm has been unquestionable for as long as I can remember. My thirst for spiritual knowledge has never been quenched. I have read and understood many varieties of spiritual teachings, and continue to gain knowledge and attend courses that will provide me with tools, that I may equip my clients with, giving them the opportunity to become the masters of their own healing.  I have learned that given the right conditions the body's ability to heal itself should never be underestimated.

I was introduced to the spiritualism faith by grandmother (who always claimed to be a white witch). I attended the spiritualist church in Treforest at the age of 13, and that is where I learned to become a  clairvoyant.

I first sat in meditation classes in my early 20's, which then progressed to awareness, and finally, a closed clairvoyant circle where I fine-tuned my abilities. From there we were sent out as fledglings of our church to work at other churches around South Wales. I worked the circuit for 2 or more years, with a particular love of philosophy.   Spirit would influence me, and I found I wrote with ease and deep understanding on many spiritual topics.

When I became pregnant with my youngest son my commitments then lay with my family and took a break from medium-ship.  As my son become older I returned to the circle but found my love for clairvoyance had gone. I felt perplexed for some time wondering if, or when, I would serve spirit again. 

 I started to develop a love of herbal folklore and the quiet voice of spirit spoke again telling me that this is the path they have been waiting these years to walk me down. The excitement I felt was unbelievable, as I now know, I have found my souls purpose - to become a healer and helper for those who are in need of soothing, comforting and healing!

Through aromatherapy, meditation, crystal Reiki and Angel Reiki I am able to offer balance and the platform for the body to heal on a  physical, mental, and spiritual level, bringing with it upliftment and energy.  Spirit work with, and through, me as I give aromatherapy and Reiki as they once did through clairvoyance. I can impart spiritual knowledge to those who are in need. I offer to teach my clients how to become happier, balanced and healthier by providing diet, exercise and meditation recommendations if requested.  I am passionate about essential oils and crystals and the natural healing properties that they hold. 

I feel very blessed and honoured to be offering you this kind of therapy!